Course outline

Timetable (0900 - 1700)

0900 Registration
0930 - 1015 The Essential Medical FY1
1015 - 1100 Essential Surgical FY1
1100 - 1145 Practical Prescribing
1145 - 1230 Essential Investigations
1230 LUNCH
1315 - 1400 Communication, teamwork and management
1400 - 1445 Everyday ethics
1515 - 1600 On Call Scenarios
1600 - 1645 Me Me Me - rights, rotas and responsibilities

We know that you know the fundamentals, so we’ll refresh your memory while focusing on more advanced applications of your knowledge. As an FY1 you need to know more than just how to read an X ray. You need to know why the imaging is needed, how to get it quickly and what to do to optimize your patient beforehand. We’ll teach you how to discuss imaging requests effectively and efficiently with relevant and succinct clinical knowledge. We’ll teach you the common ethical pitfalls you’ll be confronted with every day on the wards and how to deal with them. Want to know when to escalate to your seniors? We’ll give you the confidence to know who, how and when to ask.

After completing our course you will feel prepared for and positive about your first day on the wards.

Next course dates:

  • 12th July 2014 @ Royal Society of Medicine

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Terms & Conditions

Due to high overhead costs, we are regrettably unable to offer refunds, with the exception of a medical certificate.

Did you know?

Every employee in the NHS has the right to take annual leave. The amount of annual leave is determined by your grade and, in the case of specialty trainees, your current incremental pay point. FY1 doctors are entitled to take 5 weeks of annual leave a year.

No faff - just facts

The Essential New FY1 course will help you to prioritise patient safety from day 1 so that you will be ready for the responsibility of being a new doctor.

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A Real Head Start

We have spoken to colleagues on the wards, both junior and senior, so that we can tell you what you’ll need to know… and what your consultant wishes you knew. You’ll leave feeling positive and prepared, and soon you’ll be an essential part of your new team.