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Congratulations! You are now a doctor. Joining the most respected and trusted profession in the world can seem like a daunting prospect. You will be truly essential. Patients and staff won’t be able to do without you. Being prepared for those first few days can make all the difference.

Like you, we worked hard at medical school, learning a vast array of facts and spending hours clerking on the wards so that we would be prepared for the reality of being a new doctor. But medical school cannot prepare you for the practical challenges and emotional highs and lows you will encounter in those first few months. As a junior doctor your remit is vast and you can often be left in situations where you wish you knew more, both clinically and ethically.


That's why Essential Medical Educations brings you the only course designed exclusively to help to make you a successful and safe new FY1 doctor from the very beginning. No faff - just facts!

Did you know?

Every employee in the NHS has the right to take annual leave. The amount of annual leave is determined by your grade and, in the case of specialty trainees, your current incremental pay point. FY1 doctors are entitled to take 5 weeks of annual leave a year.

No faff - just facts

The Essential New FY1 course will help you to prioritise patient safety from day 1 so that you will be ready for the responsibility of being a new doctor.

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A Real Head Start

We have spoken to colleagues on the wards, both junior and senior, so that we can tell you what you’ll need to know… and what your consultant wishes you knew. You’ll leave feeling positive and prepared, and soon you’ll be an essential part of your new team.