Elizabeth Stutters

Elizabeth is currently an ST1 trainee on the West Middlesex GPVTS programme. She has extensive experience in education: after graduating from the University of Oxford she has worked for over ten years as a private tutor in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. She has experience giving interview workshops, CV advice and Many of her pupils have achieved great academic results and some are now contributing to their fields as researchers.

On deciding to retrain in medicine, she achieved the highest ever score in the GAMSAT examination in 2006. Elizabeth completed the Graduate and Professional Entry Programme at King's College London in 2011 with Distinction in Medical Sciences.

Elizabeth is proud that over the years she has had a great deal of success in helping students to achieve their goals, from excellent examination grades to Oxbridge entrance and beyond. Having recently been through the process of foundation training herself she is looking forward to helping others make a smooth transition into life on the wards!


Iseult Roche

iseult roche

Dr. Ise Roche trained at Bart's and The London SMD and has been interested in supplementary and peer Medical Education for many years. She has worked in Medical Education, Acute & General Medicine, General Surgery, Urology and Upper GI, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, A&E and GP. Ise wants to use her knowledge and experiences to prepare newly qualified Fy1's to confidently embark on their first (and often daunting) on-calls and ward jobs.

While working as an SHO in medical Education she was involved in practical and didactic teaching & facilitation for Junior Doctors and Medical students and was involved in organizing and assessing Junior Doctors in Competency based assessments.

Ise is currently on planned leave and will be continuing her medical training in GPST; she hopes to use her planned leave to obtain a PGCert in Medical Education.
Ise believes personal insight coupled with detailed practical information form a sound basis to prepare any new FY1 to do their demanding job well.

Did you know?

Every employee in the NHS has the right to take annual leave. The amount of annual leave is determined by your grade and, in the case of specialty trainees, your current incremental pay point. FY1 doctors are entitled to take 5 weeks of annual leave a year.

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